Who's behind the camera?

Shelley Polanco is an Afro-Latina photographer. Her passion for photography began in 2020, with the future uncertain during a global pandemic. In a time of immeasurable loss, she mourned and recorded the present with the power of her camera.

She is a photographer because she wants to elevate the realities that are otherwise silenced in our society.

She is a New York native and based in Boston and Connecticut.

Listen to Shelley's guiding principles as a photographer and activist.

More about Shelley


Educational Background

Shelley has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and African and African American studies from Brandeis University.


The mission of her artistry

Her visual storytelling addresses how politics uniquely impact people of color within low-income communities. She is committed to shedding light on the perspectives that have been sidelined.  



Shelley is also a poet, writer, and community leader.

Her work has been featured in national poetry anthologies, Chalkbeat, Youth Communications, and CBS2's Eye on New York.