Portrait Photo Portfolio

Doris for Mother's Day

Lynn, MA | May 2023

An energizing and joyful photo session gifted to my client for Mother's Day. Set in four beautiful locations with several outfits.

Gabbie at Graffiti Alley

Boston, MA | March 2023

A spontaneous street photography session in vivid color. This photo-shoot embraced the graffiti theme and incorporated several props.

Vineliz by the Water

New York, NY | January 2023

A peaceful waterfront photography session incorporating streetwear. After sunset, the water's reflection helped accentuate the cool tones in my client's wardrobe.

Isabel's Holiday Portraits

Bethel, Connecticut | December 2022

An intimate and festive session for a loving family.


Boston, MA | December 2022

Elevator turned into a creative set for a clothing brand photography session.